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Friday, May 29, 2009

Tour Up The Inlet

First sour Dough

HeyBecky! My first loaf of sour dough. And your starter is still alive!

Fuel Delivery at the Float

So this is fuel delivery day at Knight Inlet Lodge. I huge barge pulls right up to the float with exactly no room to spare on either side. I don't know what the bill is but it is in the thousands. The barge shows up some time about every four weeks with enouph fuel for the generator, boats, BBQ, etc.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Morning Commute

Bumpy ride on the way home aboard a DeHavilland Turbo Otter Sea Plane. Average altitude: twenty eight hundred- right at the rain cloud's crotches.

Dog's Float

These little ladies are the stars of the show: Casey (blond), and Finnegan (brunette). They keep a close eye on the kitchen door.

Lookin' for Bear

That's Bob (one of the guides-left), and Steve (a photographer from Pacific, and we are out looking for bears and also getting the bears in the area accustomed to the sound of the boat engine. The little black smudges in the other pictures are black bears. Quite a common sight the week I was up there. They would come down to the shore and eat shoots of grass at the water line. The only grizzly to be seen that week was on Steve's remote camera positioned near a popular back-scratching tree. Black bears and grizzly bears don't occupy the same area. When the grizzlies move in the Black bears will ship out.


Went on a short hike with Jasmin on the "Big Cedar" trail. I was wheezing and panting the entire time. Jasmin graciously slowed to my pace. ...can't wait to do more hiking in the area.

Kitchen and Dining Room

So, this is where I will be working for the summer. The kitchen is nice and clean and spacious. Above is the dining room- casual, comfortable, and lodgy.

Welcome to my room for the next 6 months

The Neighbourhood

These are some views from the float and one looking back on the float. Using the depth finder on the prawning boat shows that the land plunges to below 600 feet rapidly. The first image shows the landing area for the sea plane and helicopter in the fore ground and the pilings from the cannery circa 1930 (must check facts)

Prawning with Frank

Every day between lunch and dinner I would go prawning with one of the "dock geezers" Frank.
I learned about driving the boat and fishing for prawns. Unfortunately the commercial crab fishers have discovered our little cove. No dungeness crab for me, yet.

Todd arrives at Knight Inlet Lodge

This is me just after getting off the flight to "the Float." First sea plane trip ever. It was cool. the weather was good. I left my camera packed in my bag- oops!

Friday, April 24, 2009

We Call This The Hamptons

So this is home base for now. I leave for Knight inlet on Sunday April 26, '09. Can't wait to start working!